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Drawbacks of a job that pays you to travel can be anything from demanding bosses, loss of passion for your job, difficulty finding work or just a bad day at the office that can ruin your passion and love for travelling as a whole. There are a few things to think about that are not all fun and sunshine.

It’s a job at times

Just like you will have work related stress in the office, you will get work related stress in any jobs. Dealing with tasks you don’t like, deadlines and annoying clients are part of the job title and the reason why you are getting paid. When you are feeling tired and sick of your job it can be a struggle to get up in the morning to continue.

Demanding boss

If you were getting paid to do a job, it would mean that you have someone to answer to. Not all bosses are understanding and tolerant people. You might be unfortunate in having your salary paid by a horrible boss. In that case, you are going to have to learn how to manage that relationship and deal with the high standards and unrealistic expectations that they will demand of you. Not easy on a limited budget.

Can kill your love for travel

Sometimes when you decide to make your passion a job you begin to realise the ugly truths that you may not have had to deal with when you just did travel as a fun activity. This can be a horrible wake up call and even ruin your experience of your passion forever. You might want to consider that before taking what you love for fun too seriously and ruining the love for it.

Difficult to get into

If getting paid to write were so easy then there would be lots more people within the field. In fact, I would bet most would love to do it, however; the reality is that this is a very competitive market with very specific niches. To build a reputable name for yourself and career can take time. Not to mention how you begin to even get a steady income or financial stability from this is something you are going to have to plan and think about. The industry is growing meaning there is more opportunity for paid avenues. However, you may need to do a couple odd jobs or take a less direct route on your way to an ideal situation.

Not all experience is fun

Even though all experience is useful and can only make you grow and learn, not all experience will be fun. Just like any job, there will be things that you will not like and things that you may experience as part of the job occupational hazards that are less than pleasant. However, if this is something that you truly would like to pursue, then the benefits will always outweigh to negatives.

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