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Interjet is an airline that is based in Mexico and has its operations in many parts of the world. It serves the places in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba etc. The airline is considered as quite comfortable for the passengers as there is freedom in baggage allowance or you can say that at least the airlines maintains some generosity as compared to the other airlines. In fact, this is the only airlines that allow the passenger to carry 75KG of luggage. As compared to the other options, Interjet also has lower fares. This makes it quite popular to travel within Mexico. Thus, when you are doing interjet airlines booking all you must do is search for the best deal as available. Interjet airlines treat the passengers nicely and they have a friendly staff. They help you get over your doubts and problems when you are in the flight. The flights are generally on the scheduled time only and very rarely delay would occur.

In contrast to this, Emirates is not quite generous in regards to baggage allowance. But the airlines has the intention to keep the flights and the passengers safe and thus it states that its main motive is to allow only that much of luggage which will be convenient and safe for other travelers. So, if you are booking Emirates flights you should first check out the regulations that the company has for the travelers. The baggage allowance is different for the business class and economy class. So, it’s important to get the information first. Emirates allow cigarettes and liquor carrying in small quantities and as far as the liquids are concerned, this will be a regulation different at different airports. Whatever baggage is there, that should fit in the overhead lockers or below the seat. You can’t keep that behind your feet. The flights are generally on time and as per the schedule. But if something goes wrong and that is unavoidable or technical in nature then there can be minor delays.

Emirates airlines gives you the world class service when it comes to hospitality and meals. They treat their passengers with humbleness and the staff is pretty friendly. They have quick check in options that help the travelers to save their time.

Thus, you can see that both, Emirates and Interjet are good in their own terms but if you are looking for cheap flights then perhaps Interjet would be the winner. For budget emirates airline tickets you should take up the booking during the off season and you will actually get the benefit of low cost.

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