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Resolving Common Questions With Airport Car Parks

Airport parking can be sometimes very confusing and can feel like a real minefield to navigate with so many different options around when most of them are very similar in concept.

The best parking deals can be found online so take advantage and keep your eye on pre – booking deals to the best place. In extenuating circumstances, there is an option to cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time if the event or your trip has been cancelled. You could also get a refund for your airport parking.

Same situation if your flight is delayed – you can simply pay for additional parking time while using the same parking place. If you delay unexpectedly, and you must leave your car for a longer period of time, the car park will be happy to take care after your vehicle the entire time until your return.

Not everyone has used a valet parking at some point in the past. The most common question is who will hold your keys after the vehicle has been parked? The answer of this question depends on which car park or airport parking option you have chosen. Airport parking will keep your keys if you park (off airport) and you can keep your keys if you park domestic (on airport).

Although linked by runways and aprons, airport parking is located separately from the terminal. The journey takes no longer than 10 minutes, but traveling with luggage maybe a problem but a kid often asks to transfer between the parking and the terminal. Depending on your flight details and how much time you have to arrive at the plane, you may want to have someone to assist you and get you to the terminal you are flying from. Our staff members are here to provide transport and look after your baggage.

Sometimes it may happen to park in the wrong area. Usually you will be charged the regular price for the area you parked your vehicle in. We recommend being very cautious about checking that you are in the right parking place. If you are faced with difficulties, feel free to contact our employees at the entrance to inform that you have come to a different parking area. They are happy to be of help and guide you through your parking lot where you`ve reserved a space in.

If you have booked using the website form you need to follow the instructions according to your booking confirmation. You can find your way to the airport car parks by following the road signage and park your car in the park zone you have previously chosen. Sometimes after you locate your parking zone you may notice how someone else is using the parking space instead of you because of negligence. In a case like this it is necessary that you go to the service centre with your parking ticket so you can receive a new ticket from another parking lot.

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