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Newbie to frequent flyer programs mostly find it fascinating. After all, it opens up new travel opportunities for them which until before seemed impossible.

What’s even more inspiring is to look at frequent flyers around the globe who have managed to get hold of free flights and millions of frequent flyer miles simply through these programs. We don’t say this is unreal, but the ordinary flyer would find that this is impossible to achieve.

Here are some secrets of air miles that would help your travel dreams come true instantly.

1. You Can Fly for Free!

Who says no to freebies? Travel costs have become incredibly expensive over recent times and many people resort to ways to save money through one deal or another.

Here’s great news! Your frequent flyer miles, if used the right way, can help you travel for free. There are plenty of ways you can redeem millions of miles and redeem them on the right routes. The airlines naturally do not admire the idea of free flying. However, you can always do it with some strategic moves!

2. Earn a Huge Bonus

Earning miles little by little is an extremely patient task and not everyone is up for it. However, if your mileage account gets a heavy boost instantly, the motivation lies right there. From this balance, you’ll find it easy to build up on your mileage account.

Credit card signups are one of these ways to get a heavy bonus. These credit cards can later be used for topping up your account. When you sign up for the credit card, ensure it matches your needs to the best and that you don’t end up paying any extra fees that would eat up the benefits.

3. You Can Lose Miles

The grass seems greener on the other side, but it’s not always that lush. Earning and redeeming air miles can be very rewarding but you must also be mindful that you can lose miles.

While racking up millions of miles can get you carried away, losing these hard earned miles can be heart breaking. Tools like Award Wallet work out great because they help you to keep a track of miles without letting them go to waste. While Awards Wallet is not helpful when it comes to earning miles, it’s still a huge relief not to waste the ones you already have.

4. Earn Miles on Ground

Beginners to frequent flyer accounts think miles can only be earned through flying. In fact, the most amounts of miles can be easily earned on ground.

Driving out of town, eating and drinking at your restaurants affiliated with the program’s dining programs, surveys and shopping are some accessible ways to earn a decent amount of air miles. Not all of these would work well for you, so you’ll have to explore plenty of options.

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