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Give your campsite the love and attention that it needs. Doing so will help you ease into it easily and you’ll be able to enjoy your camping trip more. The less clutter there is, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your time outdoors. And most of all, keeping a clean and organized campsite shows that you respect the campgrounds as well as nature.

Follow these 5 ways to maintain a clean and organized campsite:

Organize your gear properly

It’s easier to find everything you’ll need once you’re at the campsite when your things are well-organized. Instead of just stuffing your things in one large bag, separate your things into categories like sleeping gear, kitchen gear, clothing and personal items, miscellaneous etc. Place each category in a separate plastic tub with cover and label them accordingly.

Bring clean camping gear

To maintain a clean campsite, you should start with a clean one. Make sure you bring along clean gear, most especially your tent. A few days before your trip, give it a good wash to rid it of any dirt, stains, crumbs or lingering odors that may attract bugs and insects (even wildlife) to your campsite. Be sure to dry it completely before packing it for your trip!

Pack some cleaning tools

When preparing for your camping trip, be sure to pack cleaning materials that will help you easily maintain a clean campsite. Bring a hand broom with dustpan and use it to clean the inside of your tent, picnic tables or any surfaces you might use. Add a rug to the outside of your tent and make the inside a shoe-free zone.

As for soap,shampoo, dishwashing liquid and other cleaning agents, be sure to bring the biodegradable variety!

Choose reusable instead of disposable kitchen gear

The less garbage you have, the less attractive your campsite is to bugs, insects and bears. While using disposable plates and utensils is convenient, switching to reusable ones is more nature-friendly. Using reusables will also save you money over time, as you wouldn’t have to buy disposables every time you go camping.

Clean up before the sun goes down

Once it gets dark, it will be harder to clean up. Reserve the nighttime for fun and campfire so be sure that everything is set before the sun goes down – dishes are washed, leftovers are packed away and trash is properly disposed of.

Follow these 5 easy ways to maintain a clean and organized campsite!

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