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Bangalore is popularly called as the garden city and the silicon city or the IT city of the country. The other side of housing more educated or upper-middle-class people in the city is all about traffic, congestion, and pollution. The best way for you to relax from your routine life is to travel out of the city and enjoy the village side of the state. Karnataka is rich in green and some of the neighboring states are pretty nearby to travel in a short span of time.

There are plenty of places to have a look during the weekend either by driving yourself or by arranging outstation cabs in Bangalore. Renting outstation cabs with driver or guide in Bangalore is pretty easy and comfortable, as most the nearby places can be enjoyed better with the help of a local guide cum driver.

Some of the 3 popular places to visit in a day or two from Bangalore

1. Mysore

Mysore is around 120 KMS from Bangalore and a regular journey would not be more than 3 hours in a cab. Mysore is such a versatile location, which can be enjoyed by any kind of individual. There are more than 15 – 20 popular locations and spots to visit in and around Mysore. Some of the popular places to visit would be a Royal palace, Mysore Zoo, Chamundi Hills, Himada Gopalswamy betta and so on…

2. Coorg

Coorg or traditionally known Kodagu is located in Western Ghats and known to be a popular place to visit during summer. Kodagu is around 250 KMS far and takes around 5 hours to travel by an outstation cab from Bangalore. Coorg is a chilled place, where you get to enjoy the fresh and chilled wind all the time and surrounded by a rich coffee plantation.

3. Mangalore

Mangalore is a coastal area, where people travel all the way from Bangalore to enjoy the beach part of the state. Mangalore belongs to Karnataka, but the official and the local language is Tulu. Mangalore culture is a mixed culture of Kerala and Karnataka, which plays a major role in balancing the fish demand for the state.

What is a one-way Cab?

It’s pretty self-explanatory but we will just elaborate it for you. One Way Cab services are a usual thing within cities. So one-way cab rides out of the cities work the same way. You just book your cab, get to your destination and bid the cab good bye. And after that you’re all on your own, but without half the fatigue of driving an actual car till your destination.

Ideal Locations To Catch A One-Way Cab To

1. Pondicherry – Most of Pondicherry is best explored by feet or on a bicycle. It lets you soak in details of the town, the caf├ęs, the beaches and everything else. So travel from your city till Pondi and grab hold of your bicycles.

2. Wayanad – Since there isn’t much traffic and there is a lot to trek through and explore, you can let the cab drop you at your hotel and go on by yourself.

3. Gokarna – There is no better place to take your time in discovering. Gokarna is all about the somber and calm. You don’t need to lug your cab along with you.

4. Simla – It’s a hard task to get to the little town but once you’re there we urge you to ditch the cab ride and go ahead on foot. The entire city is picturesque and overwhelming. So don’t worry about the cold. The view will warm your heart.

5. Cherrapunji – A glorious rainforest growing in abundance is a must visit in the North-Eastern sector of India and we highly recommend that you push through all the green by foot and leave your cab behind.

6. Auroville – A self-sufficient integrated community that has so much to give, Auroville is truly magnificent in its very existence. Yet again, explore it through all of its little pathways and ditch the cab once you reach there.

We say, you go on your little escapade with a one-way taxi to all these places in the list and as soon as you’re done we will have the next bunch of suggestions ready.

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