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Auli is a city located in the state of Uttarakhand in India and is visited by a number of travelers every year. It is well-known for its beautiful ski slopes and there are a number of good hotels in Auli that offer wonderful accommodation to the skiing enthusiasts that make their way to the city every year. Many tourists that visit Auli are adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the beautiful ski slopes found here.

Being a hilly region, the best way to get to Auli is by road and it is well connected to many other places in the state and also to a number of places in neighbouring states. The nearest railway station to Auli is located about 299 km away at Haridwar. Many tourists take a train from Delhi to Haridwar and then take a taxi to the city. There are also a number of bus services that provide great transport to the tourists that are visiting Auli. The journey to the city by road is a memorable one because it offers you some wonderful views of the region. A great way of getting around in the city is the cable car service which is about 3 km long and takes fifteen minutes to complete, making it the longest in Asia. Skiing is the most popular activity here and tourists can also get some great skiing lessons.

The ski slopes at Auli are popular among many skiing enthusiasts that visit the city and there is accommodation available near the ski slopes, which range from high budget hotels to guest houses. Skiing season in the city begins in January and lasts for two months, before it finally ends in March, making these months the most busy ones of the year, as the tourism industry here thrives on adventure sports. Many skiing festivals and tournaments are also held during these months. Since Auli is one of the coldest places in the country, it is important for tourists to come prepared with snow boots and maybe even carry along an extra jacket, just in case. There is a small café here that is run by the government and the few small restaurants at the ski resort also offer some good food.

There are also a number of wonderful hotels in the city offering great accommodation. Alpine Cottages and Log Huts are more popular among the tourists that visit Auli often. A Vacation at the city offers tourists a chance to immerse themselves in some of the most beautiful experiences that nature has to offer.

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