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We’re in an age of technological revolution, nay explosion. While detractors may call it an overdose or interference of technology in all spheres of life, there can’t be two views about the advantages that edge out disadvantages. In other words, pluses of technology have outnumbered the minuses sans it.

The world has become a global village, thanks to the internet. From booking tickets to darshan of deity, the virtual world has come to stay and will stay forever.

The devotees of any faith, creed or sect are scattered all over the world. It’s not always possible for all to go physically to all places of pilgrimage. Here comes online assistance to their rescue. You needn’t be physically present at the spot you zeroed in on. Just necessary technological assistance takes you there and in fact, enables you in a far better manner to feel the aura and air of divinity from the confines of four walls.

Gone are the days of uncertainty and dependence on travel agents. Online booking has empowered all and sundry and we must accept the change wholeheartedly to be in sync with the changing times.

India, as we all know, is a country of shrines and qadam-qadam pe mandir, masjid, girje beckon us. The Internet has greatly helped us locate temples that were unknown to us until a few years ago.

Who knew the cult and legend of Shani Shingnapur (not very far from Shirdi) until the internet provided a wealth of information on it along with its mahima ( divine importance)?

When people got to know, thanks to the internet, that there is a temple devoted to Duryodhan in Ahmednagar district, they thanked the online revolution profusely.

The innumerable temples of Maharashtra along with its famed Asthvinayak were not known but after proliferation of net, so many people are coming to Maharashtra and having darshan of its hither-to unknown and forlorn temples.

How many people were aware of Qamar Ali Darvesh at Khed Shivapur near Poona? Now it’s famous all over the world. It’s said, that if you ask for anything there for continuously five days, you get that. The credit goes to Darshan booking online over the internet.

The Internet’s further strides will explore many more unknown places of divine value. The comprehensive pieces of information provided by the internet are immensely helpful to the seekers and devotees.

We’re in an exciting time that heralds new beginnings and a new kind of acceptable religious devotion. Skeptics needn’t frown upon it. Things, meanings and perceptions change as time glides by.

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