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Greek Islands Villa Of Paxos: The Undiscovered Beauty Is Delineated In Words!

Greece is beautiful with its vibrant natural hues which have spread everywhere. If you are planning for a miraculous trip, then why don’t you think for Greek Islands?

Every Island has own flora and fauna along with the uniqueness. But, the most beautiful and captivating Island you will find in Greece is the Paxos. This is the smallest Island in Ionian Ocean, which justifies itself with the serenity and the purity spread everywhere.

The Island is unspoilt and you can experience that you have reached in centuries-old land with no busy streets and no artificial glitter. There is no airport which might be the reason of its unspoilt ambience and lack of mass tourism. A very selective crowd of visitors come to explore this undiscovered Island. If you want to reach here, then book a ferry or water taxi from Corfu. The ferry will drop you at the main port of Gaios.

From the moment you arrived here, you can feel and see what you have called it – the purity and serenity in nature and settlement. If you want to see the settlement of Greece, then you should visit Gaios. Lakka and Loggos are two more harbor villages of this small Island to amaze you. Traditional Tavernas near the harbors can make your dining experience eccentric with Greek food. And, it’s an amazing feeling when sea is ready to touch your feet while you are having your lunch.

It’s calm Ocean gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself in swimming, snorkeling and yachting. Shingled beaches are also there to relax peacefully with your partner. You can go for a long-romantic walk and this Island is ready to help you in your romantic walk with its stoned pathways intersecting the olive grove surroundings. So, you can experience the pleasant aura also along with the leisure walk.

If you are not the person who wants to relax for the whole day, then you can head to the west coast. Book a boat ride and explore the rugged and rough coastal area of Paxos. Sea caves and limestone cliffs will be there to show you the ruggedness of this island in a beautiful way.

Apart from this scenic beauty, you can experience the Greek history and culture very closely. Thanks to the churches, museums, and secluded villa houses which can give you the chance to see the Greek culture, history and art very closely. Some villas are abandoned, but some are managed well by their owners and is provided for rent to tourists.

You won’t find hotels or guesthouse here. Hardly two hotels are available for accommodation. But, villas are available in huge count with all luxury amenities to offer you the most relaxing stay.

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