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The travel industry has changed over time, and with these changes comes the ebb and flow of various trends. While some trends tend to have their moment and soon fade out of relevance, one trend that has certainly made its mark is that of vacation rentals.

If you stand back and see how society has changed, it makes sense that being able to have a vacation rental as a lodging option was the next big step to take for the travel industry. At one time, you had the overwhelming presence of the big chain hotels, and before that, the motels and motorways made for interesting places to stay while you were on the road either for leisure or for business. At some point, though, and this goes for just about all industries, there was a lot more power given to the consumer, and once this shift in power took place, accommodations as they had been know before would no longer be the same.

People were deciding they wanted more amenities available to them, as well as access to more options on the fly in the event they had a fresh idea of what they wanted out of their lodging choice. Hotels looking to fight for bookings tried their best to scramble & meet demands, but then came the vacation rental properties. Now, there really was a greater sense of feeling like your place to stay while on vacation was a “home away from home”. Times certainly had changed.

Given the prominence of vacation rentals in the travel industry, it’s hard not to look at certain vacations and wonder whether they would have benefit from this lodging option. As such, here are three popular vacation destinations that might actually have quite a lot more to offer if you choose a vacation rental over a traditional hotel:

Orlando, Florida – Perhaps the greatest draw to this city, aside from the great beaches, happens to be centered around the world of a friendly cartoon mouse. There’s no denying you’re in one the most popular tourist areas on the planet, so you may want your lodging to be close to where you want to go but just far enough away where you can have some peace & relaxation.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Everyone knows about “The Strip”, and of course, you’re talking bright lights, a mass of people, and activities that stretch into the early hours of every day. The neon can be a lot to take, so what better way to take in all that Sin City has to offer than by retreating to a vacation rental not quite on “The Strip”. You may also gain an appreciation for all of the rest that Las Vegas has to offer other than the usual stuff that no one says happened.

Red River, New Mexico – You could venture over to more popular areas in northern New Mexico, but Red River gives you the same great access to the Rockies, year-round activities for the whole family, and superb snow sports that you can get elsewhere. Moreover, they are a small town with a small population that does its best to keep things nice & low-key.

Vacation rentals are “the new kid in town”, but while they may be relatively new to the travel industry, they are definitely worth a look when you are planning your family’s next getaway. It may just be the final piece to what will hopefully be a very memorable trip.

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